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These are examples of some of my favorite conversions. The first photos are of Naploeonic Era Russian Cossacks of the Imperial Guard

More Cossacks ...Note that slight variations in the head or arm positions create unique figures . Britains deetail civil war cavalry with Andrea colpak heads, and brass rod lances wre used for these conversions.

Prussian Jaegers from 1870. Conversion made with Scalelink heads, and Accurate Civil War bodies.

7th New York Dragoon Regiment, 1814. BMC horses, Marx mexican bodies, soldierpac jockey heads modified with crests and plumes

U.S. Corps of engineers 1810. Conversions created using BMC and Marx mexican bodies with Soldierpac top hat heads modified with plumes, flagbearer has a brass rod pole and Napflags American early 19th C flag.

Mexican War U.S. Cavalry dragoons. Conversions created by using Britains and Jean Hoefler horses, HAT French Dragoon bodies, and Conte New Orleans Greys heads.

Late 19th Century British Colonial Ghurkha infantry. Conversion using BMC Civil War and Accurate Civil War bodies and Soldierpac heads.

Late 19th Century Russian Infantry. Conversions created by using Marx and BMC Civil War bodies with Scalelink heads.

German Naval unit from Boxer Rebellion Peking Legation relief force, 1900. BMC and Accurate Civil War bodies with Scalelink heads.

Japanese Imperial Infantry from Russo-Japanese War and Boxer Rebellion period. Conversions created by using BMC and Accurate bodies and Soldierpac heads.

Mexican War U.S. Cavalry and Mounted Officer. Conversions created by using BMC civil war bodies, and HAT French Dragoon Body, Conte heads, and Jean Hoefler Napoleonic head for Officer, with brass rod for flagstaff and Marx bugle and sword for office

Confederate Infantry, American Civil War. Conversions created by using Marx Confederate bodies (original pose is the one in the middle wearing a kepi) and various heads wearing slouch hats from Timpo, Accurate, Imex figures. Note the simple but dram

German Schutzentruppe Colonial Infantry Peking Relief force, 1900. Conversions using Marx 7th Cav., BMC Civil War, and Call to Arms British Colonial Bodies with Scalelink Australian heads.

Pennsylvania Zouave Infantry, American Civil War. Conversions using Andyguard Civil War figure with paper towel soaked in elmers glue folded and wrapped into turbans, note the slight variations to give these basic poses unique looks.

Napoleonic era French Chasseurs de Pied. Conversions using BMC Mexican and Italeri Austrian bodies with HAT French Dragoon heads.

British Colonial Lancers. Conversions created by using Marx 7th Cavalry bodies with Call to Arms British Colonial heads and BMC and Timpo horses

Mexican War Officers. BMC Civil War officer bodies, BMC Santa Anna bodies, and Conte New Orleans Greys bodies (I have included the standard Conte New Orleans Grey Officer pose for comparison painted as a U.S. INfantry officer from Mexican American Wa

French 19th Century Indo-chinese colonial infantry. BMC civil war bodies with Soldierpac "matelot" heads.

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