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The American West -Part 2
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American West -Part 2

This page depicts scenes from the Native American perspective. This page chronicles a peaceful Souix  and Cheyenne encampment along the Powder River just prior to being attacked by U.S. Cavalry  under General Patrick Connor.  The page concludes with the surprise attack on the encampment on August 14, 1863.{Music: "Comanche" by Joe Carvalho}. Visitors to this page:


Encampment along the Powder River, July 1863

Preparing for the hunt.

Return from the hunt

Celebration of a successful hunt; prayers for the continued success and safety of the tribe's hunters

Drying of skins, gathering food, and the daily tasks of living in the old West....but what lurks beyond the council fires?

General Connor's Cavalry surprises the encampment while most of the men are away hunting

The tragic massacre begins

The camp is overrun!

The few warriors left in camp fight desperately to defend their families

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