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Napoleonic Era figures hand-painted by Joe Carvalho

Figures are in 54mm scale. There are numerous figure conversions and unique pose figures in the following dioramas. {Background music}.

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The Napoleonic Wars grew out of the international reaction to the French Revolution. France's response to this counter-revolutionary threat launched an Empire....until Napoleon met his "Waterloo"

Please be patient as the photos download. Be inspired by the incomparable Mireille Mathieu as she stirs the emotions and patriotism of her countrymen with her version of La Marseillaise!

"Vive L'Emporeur"

Austrian Line Infantry await the Charge of French Hussars

French Line Infantry repel Cavalry Charge

Austrian Infantry attack the French line at Aspern-Essling

Austrian Artillery Position at Austerlitz

Russian Grenadiers at Borodino

French Horse artillery on the Russian frontier

Cossacks at full gallop

Prussian totenkopf hussars charge the French line at Ligny

Westphalian Regiment in Action

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