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Links to Related Sites

The following sites are useful sites for either purchase of supplies, or figures for those interested in pursuing this hobby. Some sites are of fellow dioramacists who have created interesting websites of their work. Enjoy listening to "Colonel Bogey's March" or the theme from "The Bridge over the River Kwai".   

     Remember to check out the new Age of Rome page with over 1,000 ancient  figures including war elephants fighting over the Ancient world....before you leave this site to explore these other cool websites.


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Great Links.... - Official site of the Connecticut Valley Miniature Figure Collectors Club posted by collector  Pat Deluhery. - Awesome diorama site  by the talented Julio Martinez of larger scale 1/6 figures for WWII. A "must see", he is one of the best.  -Publisher of the most important series of publications regarding uniforms, equipment, battles from Ancient times to Modern era. These are essential tools for teh hobbyist trying to create period armies with the correct uniforms. - Distributor of unusual 54mm soldiers from around the world. - Brand new collector's website from Australia by  Robert Chapman.  - One of the best World War I wargaming sites out there. Great Photos of expansive trnech warfare terrain and an unbelievable amount of airwar elements!! Enjoy.  - Great site, using toy soldiers as story telling and teaching tools in the classroom. A must see. - Model distributer Carlos da Costas' website. Unusual WWII items. -  Great supplier of 54mm plastic figures; also producing their own line of figures for Civil War,  and WWII. Also Professional Dioramas with Civil War and the Alamo as themes.  - diorama photography of Joseph Baker. Great scenes of the Civil War, the Alamo, 7th Cavalry and Sioux, and WWII.  - diorama supplies and diorama examples. - Australian based toy company. - if you enjoyed my fantasy armies page, you'll love this site!!!! Great way to connect with others interested in that aspect of the hobby. - supplier of hand-painted figures, as well as a wide range of unpainted 54mm plastic figures from all time periods; also huge playsets of figures and accutrements; loads of diorama supplies as well. -Online gaming Magazine.  Fun website for the wargamer. Excellent source for wargaming rules, especially for their Skirmisher and Chevauche gaming systems. They also have nice photos of their miniatures in gaming mode, and dioramas.   - Unique 54mm figures created by Jason Pope. Essential for any Civil War 54mm collector. No diorama is complete for this period without these figures. These figures are reasonably priced and will completely animate your "battlefields." These figures can also be used for Franco-Prussian War figures and Mid-19th Century Brazilian, Argentinian, and Uruguayan units of the Paraguayan Wars period. Jason's latest figures are some of his best: some of the best  U.S. Mexican War infantry ever produced!!!; awesome Teutonic Knights; and for  all of you 54mm medieval collectors who never can get enough archers....Man o Man does he have archers!!! Once again some of the best out there. Everyone's medieval armies should get several sets!  - Excellent medieval dioramas by the noted author George R.R. Martin. ...and make sure you pick up one of his books, he's a fabulous writer as well. For those of you attempting figure conversions try this company. Great heads for WWI, also can be used for Boxer Rebellion European and Japanese units, and Franco-Prussian War(examples on my Franco Prussian War page). The Belgian shakos can also be used for mid-19th Century Austrian units.  . Another great company providing heads and arms which can be used for figure conversions. I have used these extensively for units from the Napoleonic/War oif 1812 period through European Wars of the 19th Century, and Colonial troops of the various world powers. I also put together a nice regiment of Turkish Crimean War troops, a Ghurkha platoon,  and  a French Indo-chinese colonial troops with matelots and there are more conversions on the way. Check it out. Tell "Steve" at Soldierpac that  Joe Carvalho sent you.... - produces collectible toy soldiers, tin soldiers, tin and lead soldiers, historical figures and military historical miniatures more then 10 years. Their catalog includes about 1000 figures of Napoleonic era, Samurais, Knights, Old Romans and Ninja. - Great website by Ken Cliffe for those who want tips on making conversions of 54mm figures. Ken also will create conversions, or provides a painting service for those without the time , skill , or inclination to do the conversions for themselves. He has also put together some playable rules for 18th Century- 19th Century 54mm wargaming. - Great website offering unique figures for Latin American Armies. Quality figures and hard to find military units for collectors, dioramacists, or wargamers. For those who haven't taken the time as yet, it would be worth while to read more about South American Military history, it will open your eyes to a aspect of history too often ignored by American historians.



Links - Excellent battle scenes with some of the best toy soldiers figures on the market. A must See! - Toy Soldier Dealer in Argentina offering all kinds of plastic toy soldiers, in particular Britains re-issues including new versions. . Marco Navas's studio colection of 54mm hand-crafted/painted figures. Some of the best work in the world. Viva Espana! -  Great site for napoleonics and parts for toy soldier "conversions. The range as currently available comprises 31 easily assembled 1:32 (54mm) plastic kits that will appeal to modellers and war gamers alike. The Napoleonic Wars feature prominently, but there are two representatives from the Crimean era. The kits are mostly cavalry models, but some infantry figures are also available. Additionally for converters, we provide a wide range of spare parts, heads, bodies, swords, muskets, carbines and the rest so that you can add to the existing range as well as converting toy soldiers from other manufacturers. - "Mike's Dioramas", a website with lots of photographs of  noted dioramacist Michael Atanian's  award-winning dioramas of World War II historical scenes.    - my other website with mostly military history themes in sculpture, from Rome to 19th Century colonial wars. - Collector's site with numerous traditional 54mm metal toy soldiers but also other types as well. Well done site with lots of images.  - most probably the best site on the web describing Toy Soldier collecting, the different makers, and the rangte of materials from which they were made. This site has numerous illustrations of examples of traditional pieces, and well as some remarkable "conversions" for poses and periods not covered by traditional manufacturers. - fabulous site with a  comprehensive set of illustrations of Napoleonic era flags of just about every combatant nation. Can be sized for use with 54mm or any scale figure. With a little work, these can make your flagbearers even more authentic looking .  provides flags for other periods including Medieval and Renaissance periods, and Japanese flags from the various clans involved in the many Kawanakajima battles of late Medieval Japan. - interesting range of 54mm figures and dioramas supplies. Well illustrated website for the collector. - Interesting site with exotic asian figures from 18th century period. Palace bands, royal retainers, dancers..all good for colonial dioramas.

More links.... - Full service scale model distributor. Lots of 1/35th scale figure models. Also Vehicles in that scale. Great line of ship and aircraft models as well. - Excellent site of outdoor dioramas of WWII battles. Charlie does a great job with smoke and fire effects, and his amphibious assault using a marsh with real mud and pond water sure give you the impression that the Imperial Japanese defenders are intent on holding on to that "island". - excellent miniatrures painting service. Nice photos of jacobite miniatures by "Sean Napoleon".  - Conte 54mm figures, metal and plastic. Medieval, Mexican War, Roman, Civil War, American Revolution and Pirates. - fabulous collector's site displaying kriegspiel figures (wargaming) as well as 54mm  and larger scales.  -website by collector , S. Brooks Davison. Great site with lots of images. Spend time at this site it is well worth it.  - One of the best sites on the web for a comprehensive look at almost all the figures produced representing the Medieval period. Knights galore! Great photographs with wonderful informaton for the collector. -Great site  by Andreas Zaunen containing wild west dioramas using Hauser figures.  - Great collector's site covering wide range of historical periods of Toy Soldiers from various makers of both plastic and metal soldiers. - Gallery of 54mm figures and dioramas, Museum quality painting service for collectors of tin historical military miniatures, The making of exclusive dioramas.  - Great selection of 54mm figures...unique figures and hard to find latin American Military units. - John Mooney's toy soldier website...oh yes...and make sure you listen to the "jackets Green" tune  he has on his music page..great Irish ballad!

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