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Future Wars - The Message
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Future Wars - the Ultimate Message

Once you view these futuristic images, you can see for yourself that we should all work to avoid future wars. In these images human interaction through violent conflict  has been taught to human-made you will see , they have learned only too well. You can help change this vision of the future by working towards peaceful means of communication, cooperation, and brotherhood. Its not too late...and its not too soon to start! {background music: "Alien Abduction" by Joe Carvalho}; {all figures and futuristic landscapes and vehicles were either hand-painted or created  in 25mm scale by Joe Carvalho}.

This version of the future is bleak. .........

Future Wars

    World War I and World War II introduced machines to the battlefield. The late 20th Century saw the air, sea, and land become dominated by these machines. Tanks, artillery, ships, submarines, helicopters, airplanes, are all being continuously "upgraded" and one by one made to be controlled by remote first by humans...eventually by machines themselves. Imagine Machines controlling machines...ask yourself, where will mankind fit in that sort of arrangement? Human presence on the battlefields of the future will face increasingly lethal machines of death, and weapons of mass destruction capable of wiping out entire armies...indeed, entire populations. Space is now used for command and control communications.....but how soon before someone puts a weapon up there? The following tale explores the consequences ....

    In this tale, Earth sends robot legions into space to conquer new planets for future habitation as Earth's resources become depleted. The robot's intelligence is more advanced than expected. The machines are programmed for attack and defense. They soon "realize" that their only threat is not to be found in the endless blackness of space , but rather , from the humans who had created them. Programmed for defense, they turn their space fleet back towards Earth to eliminate the strongest threat to their existence. They transition to  their attack mode as they re-enter Earth's atmosphere. Humans programmed them for be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robotic Terminators return to Earth to destroy their creators

Humans prepare to defend earth

Aerial Assault surprises earthling defenders

Mechanical Titans wreak havoc

Carnage! Casualties mount....

Robotic tanks cut a swath through the human ranks rolling easily over defense works

Human forces search in vain for weak points in the robotic hordes' armor

Robotic assassins seek out and destroy even the most "hardened" bunkers in which huddling humans hid. In horror, humankind realizes that the term "impregnable" no longer applies!

Earth's armed forces fall back and prepare a "Last Stand"

As a last resort, the earthlings are forced to use their nuclear mortars to destroy the invaders...but at what cost to the Earth?

The Future is ours to Create


Remember! It doesn't have to end this way!

The Future is still ours to create.

On Earth - cooperation not conflict!

In Space - Exploration not Conquest!

Weapons don't belong in Space.

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