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Will Humankind Prevail?

As our story concludes, humankind now faces the full force of evil, the Holy City's brave guardsmen re-form their depleted units to prepare for the the evil hordes' final assault. Will their counterattack finish the job and drive the dark forces from the land...and if it does.... for how long? {Background music:}.

Visitors to this page:

The Evil Undead and Goblin Hordes renew their relentless assault on the Holy City's fortifications

Even the typically cowardly nasty little "Snotlings" are encouraged to join the fray against the Alliance

Rodent Legions assault the Castle Gate

Dwarven footsoldiers and mounted Elven Knights bring timely reinforcements to the beseiged City.

The Goblin King counters by summoning his blue demon beast-riders, and their Troll and lizards allies

Using up his final reserves, the Goblin King in desperation releases his beloved Elite Royal Goblin Fox-riders to the attack

The Holy City's guard holds fast and stops the Evil Horde in its tracks

The Forces of Good sweep forward and drive the Evil Hordes from the land....................but for how long?

See? Aren't you glad you stuck with it through all those slow downloads? The slow speed of these downloads was created by the forces of evil! You have overcome them, congratulations!

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