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British Nile Steamer on patrol

Nile Steamer
Scratch built with references to  19th photographs. Foam core, brass rod, specialty wooden steering wheel, Mailing tube, balsa wood, small chains and twine, paper towel for awnings, with teriyaki/barbecue bamboo skewers for support poles were used to create the boat. The recyclables were free, specialty pieces (chain, twine, brass rod) , balsa wood, paint,  and glue cost about $10 US. Not bad for a 54mm boat, wouldn't you say? As to the naval figures, I made them before Armies in Plastic came out with their  set of naval troops. These are BMC 7th Cavalry and Spanish American War Spanish heads applied to BMC and Accurate American Civil War figures. Officers are BMC Civil War except for the metal  Naval Officer with the  Telescope which I picked up in a shop at Gettysburg.

Chance encounter at an Oasis

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