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American Revolution figures hand-painted by Joe Carvalho

Figures and scenics are in 54mm and 25mm scales.(Background music - ).

Liberty Bell sings - Click image to download.

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British Regulars Advance on Lexington

Massachusetts Minutemen respond to the alarm

Massachusetts Minutemen on Lexington Green 1775

British assault on Bunker Hill

Grenadiers assault the breastworks at Breed's Hill (Battle of Bunker Hill)

British Breach the Battlements at Bunker Hill

Hessians at the Battle of Long Island

American Blockhouse

British Infantry attack American Stockade fort

Patriots at Fort Stanwix

Battle of Germantown

British Assault on an American Stockade

British Firing Line at Camden

Washington and Lafayette at Yorktown

French and Americans defend a Redoubt at Yorktown

Cornwallis' Last Advance at Yorktown

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